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  • When your live bird(s) orders is ready to ship, we utilize ‘USPS Express Priority’ services or Commercial Air.
  • We ship daily
  • USPS orders will arrive in 1 to 3 days while other delivery agencies might deliver from 4 to 24 hours within the state depending on their booking with regard to destinations.
  • We contact ‘Commercial Air Shipment’ customers before making reservations.
  • If your order contains more than one EDT (Estimated Delivery Time), we use the longest EDT for the order. 
  • USPS shipments, or any other services deliver email confirmations with your tracking number the day your bird(s) leave our farm. 
  • Track your shipment using the tracking provided in your delivery confirmation email. 
  • Always access your account and use the ‘Order Status Option’ to view your order’s current status.  
  • We also ensure your bird is shipped in perfect conditions to ensure their safety and customer  satisfaction.         
  • NOTE:  We maintain substantial inventories to expedite delivery of your bird(s). Unexpected delays can occur due to weather, airline delays, quality assurance issues, and specialized sourcing from our certified breeder farmers network. We extend our commitment to give you our very best in quality, delivery time, and low-pricing.